I have finally come to understand those obnoxious moms who are constantly sharing photos of their kids and saying how cute they are.

See…..can’t resist taking and posting all the cute photos, like this one:
About two months ago we adopted Sweetie, an 8-month-old Mackerel Tabby kitten, from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. We brought her home and named her Sybil (yes, after Lady Sybil of Downton Abbey). We never realized how quickly she would steal our hearts, especially that of my husband, who has never considered himself a “cat person.” Also underestimated was the cost of vet bills and the overall impact this little kitty could have on our lives.

It’s amazing how quickly Marcelo went from not being a cat person to being something seemingly darn close to a cat lover. He never had one before, so how could he know, anyways? The first night we had her home, he woke up in the middle of the night to go check on her. That morning, he had gotten up really early and laid down on the couch next to her. I’m pretty sure he was converted right then and there.

Then my baby got sick. A cold. Coughs, sneezes and constant spraying of kitty snot all over our apartment. Then she got sick again. A UTI. Yes, I know, I didn’t know cats got those either. It was so painful to see her struggling and not feeling well. Vet bills, emergency vet bills. Wow, they add up quickly. Then her eye. Our sneaky little kitty found a special hiding place where our cabinets meet in the corner of the kitchen. She somehow got her eye really irritated to the point that it was covered in a cloud of hazy white. Emergency vet again. $$$. We have since learned how to administer pills, liquid antibiotics and eye ointment to a cat. You think giving a child medicine is difficult? Children don’t have retractable claws or sharp, pointy fangs. I think we could give any child ANY medicine after that adventure.

There is also the litter box, which needs to be scooped daily to avoid stinkage, and she has to be fed wet food twice a day and dry food once per day. She needs her exercise when we get home, so we usually play for 30 minutes or so.

But her soft, sweet little meows make it all worthwhile. She mews and trills and dances in adorable little circles when we get her food ready. She greets you at the door when you get home from work. And I swear 30 minutes of petting her fuzzy little chin and tummy provides more stress relief than 30 minutes of yoga could ever offer. I know what it means to have a fur-baby now and I am so very happy we could adopt this sweet girl and give her a “fur-ever home.” Yep, I am totally in love.


Sarah, Marcelo & Sybil